They all began losing domain server connections randomly This could be due to the dns not updating correctly not scavenging stale records and then possibly having two ip addresses for the same A record thus AD doesn't recognise the ip associated with the dns name of the pc and when you shutdown and restart this initiates a dns update and all works accordingly again
PCs lost connection to domain. Hi all, since yesterday all of our pcs lost the connection to the domain. Symptioms are as follow: One can login with the domain user name and passwort, but very shortly it comes up a dialog where you need to enter the same information to establish a network connection. Under Network Status it comes up "private network" instead of "domain network".
Can't believe so many threads about losing connection here. Just got TS 412 and set up. I keep losing connection to my NAS every few hours as well. I realize it especially happens when I directly link NAS to PC where WLAN connection applying on PC at the same time. If I link NAS and PC via router I only experienced disconnection once so far. Start by reviewing your System and Application logs after a clean restart to identify any related error events. Then test the computers secure channel with the domain controller by running NLTEST.EXE /SC_QUERY:YOURDOMAINNAME - If that comes back with NERR_Success then your computer secure channel is good and you do not need to re-join the domain.
Jul 24, 2015 · If you are not part of a domain in that condition you should use IP address instead of server name in url and if you will check it step by step it will clear the problem. 1. pls check that client is able to ping the nav and database server. 2. Check that client is able to telnet on TCP port 7046 & 1433. 3.
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