In addition, HCNs can be optimized with supervised learning, reinforcement learning, or a mixture of both. HCNs attain state-of-the-art performance on the bAbI dialog dataset, and outperform two commercially deployed customer-facing dialog systems.
According to the 1994 Annual Report of Ontario Hydro (now known as Ontario Power Generation Inc.), nuclear power in Ontario currently had a 35% cost advantage over fossil power (average energy costs of CDN$0.05/kWh for nuclear vs. CDN$0.07/kWh for fossil). This cost advantage had increased quite sharply from a 9% advantage in 1990.
11 Below are three statements about radioactivity or nuclear energy. 1 Neutrons emitted in nuclear fission can cause further fission. 2 The half-life of a radioactive substance is half the time taken for all its nuclei to decay. 3 The process that produces heat and light in the Sun is called nuclear fission. That is, 16.5 billion kJ of energy are given off every time 1 mol of uranium-235 undergoes this nuclear reaction. This is an extraordinary amount of energy. Compare it to combustion reactions of hydrocarbons, which give off about 650 kJ/mol of energy for every CH 2 unit in the hydrocarbon—on the order of hundreds of kilojoules
Key words: disposal, nuclear powered submarine, spent nuclear fuel, nuclear reactor, radiation safety. The problem of nuclear powered submarine disposal emerged in the US by the middle, and in Russia - by the end of the 1980-s, when the first generation submarines were decommissioned.
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